Information on flying, ground handling and our local flying sites.

Flying Sites:


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Te Mata Peak

High risk launches, the club strongly recommends PG2 + 40 hours minimum.


  1. The land owner must be notified by text before you fly.
  2. The landing paddock location sometimes changes, Please check what is current.
  3. Sometimes flying is not permitted, lambing times etc.
  4. If you are new to the site please contact the Site Liaison or the President first.
  5. Located on the outskirts of Havelock North, at the top of Te Mata Peak Rd.

There is a Holfuy station out in front of the trig towards the Tukituki River.

There are three take off locations,

The Trig: 399m. Over the fence at the east end of the top car park.

The take off area has a significant slope with a big drop off at the lower end. Low hour pilots may find this a daunting site.

Telecom: So named because of the Telecom tower. Access is a short walk up the left side from the saddle car park.

The Gut: From the same car park as Telecom, a short climb down and to the right. Can be hard to find without local assistance.

All launch sites are on steep terrain so care is required.

The Mata Peak Holfuy


Burma Rd:

Drive south from Hastings on State Highway 2 for approximately 20 minutes. Burma Rd is on the right. It quickly turns to a gravel road.

At the top of the climb the road turns right and levels off. Park. The flying site is a short climb to the right of the road. Competent 4WD vehicles can drive up.

The Holfuy Station is located down the ridge south of the take off.

The landing paddock is at the bottom of the hill slightly to the left, on the left side of the road. There may be livestock in the landing paddock; if so please land in an adjacent paddock.

Burma Rd Holfuy


Ocean Beach: Please contact our Site Liaison Officer, Club President or club members before flying here.


Ground Handling:

Roys Hill;     Public reserve, good for most wind directions.