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I haven’t flown the coast up to Wairoa for ages and it looks like it might be possible later tomorrow. I will be watching the forecasts (and poking my head out the window) about lunchtime and making a decision about whether to go for it. It has always proved to be an adventure heading up there in the past and the coast is really spectacular and well worth the effort.
I am quite happy to do this run by myself and commit to perhaps camping out if the hitching back doesn’t pan out. If the forecast is right (I wish) then it ‘might’ be possible to get up and back (with a couple of walking sections).
The following are some fun challenges of this run:
  1. Getting the tower to let us fly from Flat Rock – hasn’t been a problem in the past. The second option is to fly from Waipatiki.
  2. The limited access points for retrieval if it all turns pear shaped: Aroapauanui, Waikare, Mohaka, Wairoa. Ask Euan about landing short of Waikare and the ensuing adventure 🙂
  3. Several gaps and low areas that have to be thought about a bit before crossing
  4. Only one PG has made it across the Mohaka to lift on the Northern side to my knowledge, Grant Middendorf. I have flown across and landed then walked up to relaunch and continue several times.
  5. There is limited cell phone coverage for any retrieve drivers on the road up there.
  6. It would be well worthwhile throwing a torch and some form of navigation aid (map) in along with a bit of extra tucker if you are thinking of coming along.

Feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might be interested in this sort of outing.

Shaun Gilbert
0224 778804Wairoa_PG
Flight report:
A fantastic outing – Flew up to the Mohaka but was too low to get across so turned round, not expecting to be able to make it back. Made it across the Waikare with little to spare then got pretty nervous squeezing my way past Ridgemount trying to avoid the worst of the mechanical turbulence then a clear run back to the car. 1hr there and 1.5 hours back NICE 34km up there and 35km back to the car.
HB Weather
December 11, 2018, 12:09 am
real feel: 15°C
current pressure: 1020 mb
humidity: 89%
wind speed: 7 km/h SW
wind gusts: 11 km/h
sunrise: 5:39 am
sunset: 8:33 pm
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